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Orbit Electronics Group introduces its first VME-VPX System Health Monitors with unique, proprietary GUI performance.

Company makes “VME-VPX Held to a Higher Standard” a practical reality.

Orbit Electronics Group member, Integrated Combat Systems (ICS), known for its design, manufacture and integration of advanced electromechanical assemblies for even the most demanding military, industrial and commercial systems, has announced its entry into the full spectrum of VME-VPX solutions. Among its over 135 VME-VPX products are three System Health Monitors having features that promise to hold VME-VPX to a higher standard than ever before.

According to Orbit Electronics Group president, Ken Ice, “We have been working diligently for over a year to ensure that our VME-VPX products will be among the most advanced of their kind available today. For example, our System Health Monitors provide dramatically expanded graphical user interfaces that enable system design engineers to quickly and easily establish a broad range of operating parameters, and monitor performance with exceptional clarity and detail.”

These new System Health Monitors are available in six models: Stand-off HMC-A, HMC-B, and HMC-C, plus 6U VPX HMC-A and HMC-B, plus 6U VME HMC-A and HMC-B. In addition to having a unique proprietary GUI, key features include Ethernet; USB and/or RS 232 interfaces; set-up; data logging; field upgradable firmware; and data password protection. The Orbit family of System Health Monitors complies with ANSI/VITA 1.0 - VME64; ANSI/VITA 1.1 - VME64X; ANSI/VITA 46 - VPX; and ANSI/VITA 65 - OPEN VPX.

A data sheet showing the major specifications for each model can be immediately downloaded at