3U, 3-Slot, Conduction-Cooled, Horizontal Slots

Orbit ATR Chassis are available with a wide variety of options including backplanes for VPX, cPCI and ARINC404A. These ATRs are designed to meet defense and aerospace environmental specifications. They feature conduction cooling methods to efficiently dissipate the heat generated from integrated modules and power supply modules out through the cooling fins. These all-aluminum ATR chassis are designed and tested for high levels of shock and vibration per MIL-STD-810F. Power input transients meet MIL-STD-740E, and power output is up to 150 Watts. EMI/EMC meets MIL-STD-461E. The interface at the rear side of the ATR provides I/O with MIL Series circular connectors as standard, but can be customized for many connector types, as well as options with connectors on printed wiring boards to eliminate the need for internal wiring. This ATR design is ruggedized and has provisions for hard-mount mounting arrangements. The power supply unit is a module type with options for input of AC or DC, EMI Filters, and multiple outputs. Other options include custom backplanes, I/O interfaces from backplanes through I/O PWB, and horizontal or vertical front-slot orientations.

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