VME64x Backplanes - 6U

These high-performance backplanes comply with ANSI/VITA and VME extension standards, and operate well in extended temperature ranges. Available with 2 to 21 slots, with J0/J1/J2 populated, and RJ0/RJ2 pins extended to rear I/O interfaces with shrouds. The 10 layer backplane design is ideally suited for applications using high-power system boards operating with high clock frequencies and high data transfer rates. A model complying with VITA 1.7 power insertions is also available. Power studs are provided at the rear end (side or bottom) for space-critical designs. Custom designs can have user-defined I/O terminations through in-board or patch board, or I/O PWB, to secure I/O terminations for applications having high levels of shock and vibration.

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